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About Us

The Jacksons

We love movies. We have seen over 12,000 (and counting!) We love the escapism; the entertainment.

We especially love the classics - movies from the 1960s and before. When in conversation with others about old movies, we have noticed the same titles tend to come up: Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane, Casablanca - each of them a deserving classic. But there are so many more titles out there that have, for one reason or another, fallen through the cracks. We want to bring these back in to the light and back to the big screen.

Currently, we run two events in the year that help us meet this goal - GEMs and Hitch Fest. GEMs (stands for Golden Era Movies) is a two-day classic movie festival showcasing some of Hollywood's hidden gems. Hitch Fest is our longest running festival. It is an all-day event featuring movies from the Master of Suspense. All of our events include contextual information, as well as professional insight from special guests.

Our events have been held at local theaters in St. George and we have audiences from all around the area. We aim to keep these events going, as well as adding to them.

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